Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hello, This Is My First Blog

A Safe Haven

Since I grew up in Depression years, many of my first posts will be on my early childhood.

Ethel & Relia ages 3 & 5
One of the first memories I have is on a day when I was about 4-5 years old. My sister and I were out playing in the yard with some neighbor friends. We were all playing around an old tree stump, and I was trying to pull a piece of wood off the stump. I gave a hard yank and the piece came loose and my hand flew up toward my forehead and the splinter stuck in my forehead just above my left eye. I couldn't get it out and went crying to my mom, who was out in the woods gathering firewood. I couldn't find her and ran back in the house and sat in a box behind the kitchen stove waiting for her, and holding my head. She came in, took one look at me and yanked the stick out. She put a cloth bandage around my head, said a few soothing words, and I was fine, but I stayed in the box behind the stove until time to go to bed. I knew my mother would be cooking supper on that stove, so it was a safe haven for me. I still have the scar over my left eye.

A strange first post, isn't it?


  1. I'm glad you are writing these.

    Love you,
    Your #1 son (read it and weep, brothers *lol*),

  2. Great idea, Mother! I'm looking forward to reading your blog!! I love you!

  3. Just found your blog Ethel, enjoyed reading about your hard times. I can relate to some of it. But my life wasn't near as hard as yours. You had a good family, sounds like. I can remember lots of nights at my cousins, eating cornbread and milk for supper. But we had some good times growing up. Seems like every sunday we were at an aunt or uncles for lunch. And we played all afternoon in the woods, sometimes way after dark. Keep writing on the blog, I enjoy reading about the old days. I think about all the stuff kids have now days. But I think we were richer and happier in a lot of ways. We made our own toys, weren't much money to buy anything. Bob Fontenot